3D Printing

What are the min/max model sizes that can be printed?
  • The maximum size model we can print is 36 x 24 x 36 inches.
  • The minimum feature size, such as walls, is 1cm.
How long does it take to print and ship parts?
  • We try to begin the print job the day the order is placed! Printing small parts takes a few hours while large parts can take more than 24 hours. It also depends on how busy we are at the time.
  • So, a safe estimate is two to five business days to print and ship out your parts.
What file formats do you accept?
  • We prefer STL (.stl) files, as they are the industry standard for 3D printing. However, we accept all types of CAD files, but for faster quoting we need STL files.
How does 3D printing work?
  • 3D Printing technologies build an object layer by layer to create a complex shape. In order to build this object, we need a 3D file that contains accurate information about the geometry of the part. Then the information in this 3D file is sent to the 3D-printer that will build up the material matching the 3D file.
What if my 3D model contains “errors”? Will you fix it?
  • Each 3D model we receive goes through a comprehensive evaluation process, which will pinpoint any errors in the file. You then have a choice of making the adjustments yourself and resending the file or having our qualified 3D designers make the necessary changes for you.
What materials can you print my object with?
  • 3D objects can be printed in a variety of plastics, metals, or rubber-like materials.
What colours can you print in?
  • We can print your item in a full CMYK spectrum of millions of colours. We also have printers that can print in a single, solid colour with a wide range of colours to choose from. Some colours are available in a flexible rubber-like material.
How much is it going to cost to print my object?
  • Each 3D printed object is unique, and price varies based on material cost, print time as well as finishing. The biggest variable in the final cost is the volume of the printed object. Please contact us for a detailed estimate!

3D Scanning

What is the largest object you can scan?

We have different 3D scanners and techniques for different sized objects. We can scan tiny parts like a car key as well as very large objects such as buildings or powerplants.

What is the accuracy of the scans?

The accuracy depends on the size of the object and the 3D scanner used. We can achieve 0.05 mm accuracy in smaller objects. Long range scans have a much higher tolerance. 0.125mm accuracy is often achievable for areas of a plant or building.

How much does 3D scanning cost?

3D Scanning cost ranges from hourly rates for in-house scanning to daily rates for on-site scanning and varies based on equipment used and output required. Please contact us for a quote.

What do I need to do to get started?

Just click here for our contact info to reach out to us and we’ll get you started.

Will the 3D scanning damage my part?

No, the scanners are completely safe, even for your eyes.

Does it matter what my part is made of?

No, almost anything can be scanned as the systems we use are non-contact.

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